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Shane McFarlane


The initial driver to complete an album of songs was to perform, record and release previously composed songs. For future releases, there are enough songs already composed for a follow up album.  A follow up album will be available in early 2013. The composition skills Shane McFarlane has attained have been since the age of 13 with the guitar being the first instrument used for creating song structures, experimenting with dynamics and the production of songs.

Establishing two previous bands with different line-ups/musicians has confirmed the desire for Shane McFarlane to take full artistic control and perform on all instruments including vocals and backing vocals. Shane McFarlane is self taught on the guitar (including bass) and keyboards/synthesiser.  Drums are sequenced using BFD2.

The home studio environment is a excellent, cost effective creative space for recording.  Shane has had the ability to apply much artistic focus on the delivery of the music in a unique way.